1 Month Diet Plan

    nutritionist neha,

    Our 1 Month Basic Diet Plan is a route for people who want to achieve a specific weight loss/gain target in.

    Under this plan, we focus on the needs of our clients and after having a deep insight of the targets which they are looking forward to achieve, we start working towards creating a balance among the distributed nutrition in their body.

    I and my expert dietitians provide them a customized diet plan which meets their body requirements, eventually enabling them to achieve their targets.

    The process of losing weight under this plan is divided into 12 parts where we work towards your fast track weight loss goal along with keeping a check on your weekly nutrition.

    Also, I highly recommend it that if you go for this diet plan, then you must opt for a 10 month diet plan after losing weight through this diet plan. This is recommended so that you may be able to maintain your weight without losing your muscle weight.

    NOTE* Medical history of each client is taken into consideration and the medical implications of this drastic transformational weight loss/gain is further analyzed and researched upon before making an appropriate plan that suits your body.

    Steps included in Meta Diet 1 month plan


    STEP 1

    Body Analysis

    The very first step is conducting body analysis in which we measure various aspects of your body. Measuring these aspects help us in developing a better understanding of your body, this ultimately helps us in preparing you to achieve your set targets according to the diet plan chosen by you.

    These measures include:

    • Height
    • Weight
    • Muscles
    • Visceral Fat
    • Resting Metabolism
    • Sub-Coetaneous Fat
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)

    STEP 2

    Counseling Session

    Counseling session is an integral part of the whole process. Under this, we tend to understand you well. To understand you well, we focus on 2 main aspects which include your physical state and your mental state. After we get an insight of you, we work towards motivating you.

    **The service of counseling session and personal motivation is offered under our other diet plans. Also, if you want to avail this service then you may also upgrade to our 6 month Meta Diet Plan.

    STEP 3

    Creating a Diet Plan

    In order to create a diet plan that suits all your need, we first understand your lifestyle and your kitchen. Getting to know your lifestyle and your kitchen helps us in creating a diet plan that you find easy and practical to go with.

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