About Us


I started my professional journey in 1995 in the corporate world. At a very young age of 22 I was married and was blessed with a daughter soon. A graduate with a diploma in travel and tourism from Delhi University I was ambitious and opted for a teaching job to look after the new born and to contribute to the society and personal self development. As a teacher in various leading schools and as a Principal work pressure, family demands took a toll on my health. Mentally physically ,emotionally health started deteriorating A spinal injury in lower spine ,blocked artery and to add to it a cervical injury again.Acute depression with not able to cope up with my own health I decided to quit my job when one day I realized in 2018 even my arm could not move.I took a sabbatical and did lot of self healing, meditation and prayers and finally I got a direction to embark on a new journey into fitness and nutrition. The importance of eating right ,the correct posture and lifestyle changes started improving my health slowly and gradually and within a span of 1 year I have more than 12 International certifications in Nutrition and fitness with a mission to improve and empower people about their own health. Apart from this Im also a Montessori trainer,a playschool consultant and a Certified master trainer.
I believe in a healthy lifestyle not to follow any fad diets with improvement in health,hair and skin along with longevity.
My gratitude to my husband,my daughter,my family,my friends,my clients for supporting me and believing in me.I will continue to do good and better work.
The new doctor will heal not with drugs or medicines but with Nutrition and healthy lifestyle.-Thomas Edison