Keep away form Corona by Pranayam Yoga and Meditation

    Pranayam Yoga and Meditation to keep away from Corona

    Benefits of Pranayam,yoga and meditation.
    1. It improves the breathing capacity of the lungs.
    2. The respiratory system of the body gets stronger.
    3 .It directly stimulates the autonomic nervous system
    4. The functioning of the 💓rate,blood circulation and purification is immensely enhanced.
    5. The practice of Pranayam,yoga and meditation asanas will improve flexibility and stronger muscles.
    6. Meditation will declutter all stress and panic and will connect with your inner self.


    In this Pandemic and global emergency let’s train our mind,body and soul and be positive.

    Lets join and spread the awareness of eating healthy nutritious food along with daily physical activity indoors  by the suggestion of  best  nutritionist and dietician in Gurgaon .


    It can be yoga,dancing, pilates,zumba aerobics,skipping, HIIT or anything which releases stress and boosts the immune system and your body is comfortable doing it.

    The best way to burn calories is to give off to your maids, social it yourself ..and let’s heal the planet to fight the COVID-19. Stay indoors.

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